Today I’m jumping into water to start writing about some area where I have some half-decent background: the intersection of Open Software/Hardware and Networking.


You see, I’m a software guy. The pragmatical Linux/OpenSource fanboy kind. What that means? I have a formal degree on Computer Science, and wrote Linux drivers and software for embedded systems for 8 years. But I’m also a pragmatical guy: I know how to write kernel drivers, but I use a Mac laptop every day because I like things to work. For the last 4 years I have been learning a big from networking at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, where I have worked on networking (SDN, ASICs), and more recently on the OpenSwitch project.

Why start writing about the intersection of Open and Networking? These are interesting times in the networking world: disaggregation, open source, open hardware, etc. All of this is pretty new for the networking world, and is specially different because in the old good days you will have limited information about the technical details of what is going on behind scenes on your network. Now sharing the knowledge is critical. I have been inspired by reading blog entries from many in the networking community, and I’m by no means close to have the expertise of guys like Ivan or Greg, but I think I can contribute to spreading the knowledge on the little things that I do know. Hope my readers agree.

Stay tuned for some posts soon. I will be writing quite a bit about OpenSwitch, but also random thoughts on different areas about Open + Network.